Spectacles for Children

If your child needs spectacles the most important aspect is the fit. Children’s spectacles are made to suit the proportions of the child’s face. How they fit is crucial to the comfort and effectiveness. If a child’s spectacles do not fit comfortably they will not be worn and precious time may be lost during the development phase of binocular function.

Children are quite tough on their specs so good quality frames with flexible hinges are a must. They come in If the child’s prescription is relatively strong we will discuss lens options to minimise the weight and thickness. The child’s input in the frame selection is an  important  aspect in the success of spectacle wear. The frames come in lots of different colours.  The specs may need ‘servicing’ to keep them in shape and sitting up on the nose. This is an important part of our service, it is free of charge and we tend to see our young patients quite frequently as they get used to having specs.